Hello, Vite

Aug 20, 2023 · 3 mins

Can’t say that I’m proud of how frequently I change the tech stack of my website. However, my first intention for this web is where I can freely practice things that I learn in my journey in the technology field. And the latest of them is Vite.

About Vite

Vite is a next-generation build tool that leverages native ES modules to provide a fast and smooth development experience. Unlike traditional tools like Webpack or Rollup, Vite does not need to bundle or transpile your code during development, which makes it much faster and more efficient. Vite also supports various frameworks and plugins, such as Vue, React, Svelte, TypeScript, and more. For this website, I’m gonna try Vue for the first time.

And since we’re back to SPA, it’s possible to do something like this 👇🏼

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