Every Software Developer Should Write a Blog

Jan 11, 2023 · 5 mins

Before I became a software developer, I had created many blogging websites. It was just a hobby for me, a way to express my curiosity and share my ideas. But after I graduated and started working, I wrote less and less. I always told myself that I would write blog posts soon, but the truth is, this is the first blog post I have written in a year. The reason behind it might be very common among programmers: I thought I was not an expert, not a famous person, not good at writing, just a regular software engineer. So why should I spend my time writing a post that nobody would read?

But now, I have found many reasons to write blog posts as a programmer. Here are some of them:

Improve your communication and presentation skills

Believe it or not, your software career depends a lot on your ability to communicate and present your ideas. Even if you are a good programmer, your software career won’t go far without good communication and presentation skills. Also, many programmers say that writing articles helps them write better code and, more importantly, documentation.

Learn and enhance your technical skills

I remember things better when I try to explain them to someone. I learned this from my study groups at university, where my lecturer would ask us to teach each other the topics instead of lecturing us. I still remember everything I tried to explain and show to my group members. Explaining forces you to learn more about the topic, which is good not only for your readers but for yourself as well. Starting a programming blog is very similar to teaching because you will be teaching the world about programming and computer science.

Market yourself and boost your career

Your blog will open the doors for various networking and business opportunities that you might not find otherwise. Through your blog, you can make a lot of connections and get leads for your freelance or contractor career. Think of your blog as your constantly updated portfolio.

Document your progress

How many times a week do you find the perfect StackOverflow answer that solves your problem and saves you hours of frustration? How often do you spend hours solving a problem, but no one else ever benefits from your solution? Even if you write a post once in a while, you can show what kind of challenges you faced, how you solved them, what methods and techniques you used, and what you avoided. After a year, when you look back, you will see helpful documents you provided to others with valuable insights and how you approach problems.

Reduce your stress

Take a break from your daily routine of coding, give yourself some freedom, be with your thoughts, and write about something you want to share, your own opinion, your own perspective. Write it down and publish it. It will make you feel relaxed.

Blogging as a software developer is a great way to develop your personality. Writing a blog can enhance whatever you do or plan to do, and it can open doors that you would never expect. It is worth trying and seeing its benefits.

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